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Freedom of Choice
Lots and lots to choose from. Our expertise in the real estate market will give you the best possible choices of available home sites. Just tell us your preferences: near a golf course or lake, in the best school district, close to work . . . The perfect location for you is probably somewhere on the Barclay Custom Homes map. You'll be given all the latest information on lot costs and all the help you need to buy.
Of course, if you already own a lot or have already found the ideal location and it's within our building areas, we'd be happy to build on it for you.

More choices:
  • You can build on your lot whether or not it is paid off.
  • You may use the equity in your lot for a down payment on a loan.
  • You may put the cost of the home and the lot together on one note.
2000 models to chose from. Or, your custom home can be designed from a budget you give us to work within. From the elegant Colonial Estate to the practical California Contemporary, whether you need lots of rooms or wide open spaces, three bedrooms, or more bedrooms, the choice is yours. You have a wealth of choices--and so far it hasn't cost you a cent to plan with us. We don't require any deposits until you've seen a rough drawing of your home and received a price--without any hidden cost. Barclay Custom Homes prices are guaranteed to include all costs, even the discount points and closing costs for a mortgage, if you desire. Choose one of our designs, bring your own plans for a free quote, or combine your design with one of ours. Together we'll build a home that's individually your own.

We'll move walls for you. End the frustration of not being able to make a simple change like moving a wall in a home that was otherwise perfect for you. Many people find a home that would nearly satisfy them but the builder cannot or will not change anything or can only build it for you on their lots. Barclay Custom Homes can build you a home with your changes anywhere within our building area.
Everything you wanted to know about mortgages. We've become experts at all types of mortgages so that we can help you understand the various alternatives available to you, tailor a financial package that'll fit you like a glove, and we'll even help with all the paperwork. Instead of turning into a financial burden, your home will be an integral and profitable part of your overall investment plans.

More choices:
  • VA loans with low down payment for 15 or 30 years.
  • FHA loans for 15 to 30 years.
  • Conventional loans including fixed rates.
  • No-Qualifying "Pro Loans".
  • Bridge loans while you sell your present home.
  • Discounts for cash!
  • Trade-ins considered.
  • 100% no down payment loans.
We make house calls. Our program is only as strong as the people who stand behind it. At Barclay Custom Homes, this means we will continue to serve you after you move. If something breaks, either it's our responsibility or it's on warranty. If something was just missed on the final checkout of the home, if it's reasonable, we'll fix it, fast. All homes receive a 10-Year Home Warranty to back us up.
Personal involvement. There may be times when you have a friend or relative (or even you yourself) that may desire to do some of the construction on the home, i.e. floor covering. If you request a specific job to be done by someone you prefer, even if it's not covered under the standard allowance package, we'll give you one. So you can have the "Freedom of Choice". If you chose appliances, light fixtures, or any item that is priced higher than the allowance, you pay the difference at the builder cost! If it's lower, we'll pay you the difference!
Designer allowance packages. Relieve yourself of the aggravation of worrying about what appliances you can have or what brand of carpet you'll be stuck with, because every Barclay custom home is quoted at a price that includes generous allowances for the following items:
  • Landscaping
  • Appliances*
  • Wallpaper*
  • Draperies, if requested*
  • Light fixtures*
  • Floor covering*
  • Home site

  • Countertops*
  • Hardware*
  • Home network wiring
  • Plumbing fixtures*
  • Masonry*
  • Etc.
*The showrooms are stocked with all the latest selections!

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